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A/V system Conference room booking system


CBRE brought in a Fusion conference room booking system in order to utilize their conference rooms more efficiently.

In the winter of 2018, when they relocated their Osaka office, CBRE began using A/V equipment and a Fusion conference room booking management system from AstroServe. They had already been using a Fusion system at their Tokyo office, and chose one for their Osaka office because of its outstanding design and functionality. With regard to the A/V equipment, CBRE adopted our proposal because the features and costs met their needs. Four people from CBRE, including Global Workplace Solutions Senior Project Manager Mr. Mitsuse, were kind enough to speak with us about topics including their thoughts on the installation of the new system.

Large-screen display installed in CBRE's spacious meeting hall

― Have there been any changes since you brought in the new A/V equipment?

At our video conferences, which involve people in Tokyo and Osaka, the sound quality has become much clearer. Even at events with as many as about 40 people, the voices can be heard clearly, so we have personally experienced how fluid the conferences have become in all aspects. (At AstroServe, we envisioned the real-world situations in which the system would be used, and made fine adjustments to the equipment, including the sound volume, at the time of delivery.)

― Has using the Fusion system resulted in more efficient use of your conference rooms?

"Yes, I think there has been an improvement," says Mr. Koyama, speaking from experience as the person in charge of conference room scheduling. "Our people are constantly using our five conference rooms, but in the last six months, we've only had one scheduling conflict. Our system also works together with Outlook, and it's easy to use, so our personnel are able to use it without stress. Also, when one group goes beyond the set time, other bookings are automatically canceled as needed, so people are taking greater care to make sure that they aren't late to get their meetings started. Even when looking at it from a distance, you can immediately see what's going on from the color of the light. Red means a conference is in progress, green means the room is available. That's another convenient feature." (On top of that, the system also has a feature that sends email notifications regarding the usage status of the conference room, which adds to the system's efficiency.)

― Were you satisfied with the support you received from AstroServe staff?

Yes, we were able to rely on them with our minds very much at ease. During the installation, we were able to go and see the rooms every day, which also gave us the chance to learn about another company's procedures. But in addition to learning about your craft, I feel that we were able to build a relationship of mutual trust as the project went on. It was also great to get suggestions that were tailored to the users of the system. Your people gave us ideas like, "For CBRE, we would recommend using the system this way." After the system was installed, AstroServe made an easy-to-understand manual for us, so that we'd be able to use the A/V equipment we had brought in without problems. All the way through, we could see your thoughtfulness and consideration. (The one-stop support that we at AstroServe provide includes follow-up services such as post-installation maintenance.) ●CBRE Asress: Grand Front Osaka Ofuka-cho Kita-ku Osaka URL: https://www.cbre.co.jp/ja-jp

A conference room that now uses a Fusion system

Everyone from CBRE who graciously participated in this interview