2021 Tokyo

Embassy of Finland in Japan

Astroserve supported the renovation of the AV system in the Piano Room, which is used for a variety of purposes.

In 2020, the Embassy of Finland in Japan, located in the Minami-Azabu district in Tokyo, renovated the Piano Room, a space for receptions and events. We, Astro Serve, installed an AV system that has better sound and is easier to operate. The Embassy uses the system in various situations such as webinars and online presentations, not only for sound amplification. We asked Mr. Mikke Kinnari, Vice Consul and Third Secretary Administrative Affairs of the Embassy about the aims of the renovation and the usability of the new system.

The Piano Room, used for meetings and receptions, is equipped with Genelec smart IP speakers, Shure wireless systems, Biamp Tesira media platform, and Crestron touch screen controller.

― First of all, could you please tell us why you decided on the renovation?

The AV system we had been using was working well. However, since we have honored guests from all over the world, including the Japanese Imperial Family, in this room, we needed a higher-quality system. We were particularly concerned about the speaker's sound quality as we often have presentations and events. At the same time, we also wanted a system that can be moved around easily. The renovation project started in June 2020 and finished in August that year.

― Could you please tell us why you chose Astro Serve?

GENELEC JAPAN Inc. (the Japanese subsidiary of the Finnish speaker manufacturer GENELEC.) introduced us to you. We conducted our research through websites and other sources. As a result, we found that Astro Serve is a reliable system integrator having a proven track record in projects similar to ours. That’s why we decided to go with you. Our decision was not wrong. Although we made many requests to Mr. Sato (Astro Serve sales staff in charge of the project), he understood everything correctly and gave us the proper response. Even after the system operation started, he has been supporting us with user training and system adjustment. We appreciate his positive attitude to make things better.

― Do you have any particular points about this renewal project you would like to bring up?

Yes, we were particularly concerned about a clean installation. We wanted neat wiring with no visible cables anywhere because we use this space for parties. We are very happy with what Astro Serve has done for us. Another point we care about is sustainability. For this project, we requested an AV system supporting future expansion. I believe that the Piano Room will be an example of a sustainable AV system when we add buildings or rooms in the future.

― How do you like using the new AV system?

We are completely satisfied with the new system. It has better sound quality and is easier to operate. Because of the current COVID pandemic, we use the system in various situations such as webinars and online presentations, not only for sound amplification. Joining such events, we realized that the speakers are much clearer. Before moving to Japan, I had a different job in New York and used Shure and Crestron systems. As you may imagine, it's hard to find an available frequency in Manhattan, where many people use radio waves all the time. Even under such an environment, Shure and Crestron systems were working with no problem. I put great trust in their products and decided to use them for this project.

― Do you have any feedback from your staff?

We have got nothing but positive feedback. In particular, our staff like the easy-to-use Crestron touch screen controller. Before the renovation, they had a lot of trouble running even a projector alone. But now, owing to the touch screen's intuitive interface design, they can operate devices without difficulty. I, myself, like the Finnish national flag designed on the screen (laughs).
●Embassy of Finland in Japan
3-5-39 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8561 Japan
●Shure Japan Co., Ltd.
Shiroyama Trust Tower 35F , 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6035 Japan

Mr. Mikke Kinnari, Vice Consul, Third Secretary Administrative Affairs of the Embassy of Finland in Japan, who is in charge of the AV system renovation project.

Genelec Smart IP Speakers
The Dante-enabled and PoE-powered speakers realize recording studio-quality sound and speaker management with a single CAT cable.

Left: AV Rack, Right: Crestron 7" Touch Screen TSW-760-W-S (superior operability allows intuitive control of many AV devices)
Shure Microflex wireless system (a flexible microphone solution for a variety of conference rooms)

We created a stylish user interface design with white and blue, the colors of the Finnish national flag. The embassy staff like it. The touch screen is mainly used to control the volume and switch the speakers.