• Cloud-Based Web Conferencing Service

    This cloud-based web conferencing solution is used by over 10,000 companies around the world. Users are able to join conferences in just a few simple steps. The service can be used with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. When using a PC, this solution allows users to share their desktop and screens from applications.

  • LAN Delivery System for Video and Audio Signals

    This device converts HD signals into IP signals for delivery over a network. With the use of a network switch, the input and output can be switched. The result is a system that is remarkably simple to use. The receiver is expandable, and allows a single image to be projected across multiple displays. External control from controllers of all types is supported.

  • Conference Room Booking Management System

    These days, we often hear from companies that they are not getting enough out of their conference rooms. Although many companies actually have a sufficient number of conference rooms available, it is often the case that they are unable to effectively manage or efficiently use their conference rooms, with issues including conference rooms being reserved but not used.
    Crestron Fusion can be integrated with services such as Outlook and Google Calendar for easy scheduling management. Additionally, by installing a sensor in the conference room and connecting it to the system, the system can be expanded for operations such as automatic cancellations when unmonitored.

  • Simple, One-Button Operation of Complex Electronic Devices

    Crestron's touchscreens transcend the capabilities of conventional touchscreen control systems. Today, they are in the process of unifying schools, businesses, hospitals, hotels, public facilities, and homes around the world.
    With sales, support, and training infrastructure on a global scale unlike that of any other company, Crestron offers flexible solutions as well as guaranteed, professional support that encompasses everything from sales, to design, to installation, in order to meet the ever-changing needs of end users.

  • Video and Audio Systems for Enterprise

    We provide video and audio system solutions tailored to a variety of applications and locations, including conference rooms and lecture halls. The range of video and audio equipment for enterprise that we carry includes RGB interfaces, switchers, cable compensators and splitters, signal processors, scan converters, and scalers.

  • Intuitive Control Systems

    In addition to controlling A/V devices, NetLinx control systems from AMX enable seamless, integrated management of all IT systems. AMX's touchscreen-based controllers are flexible and remarkably user-friendly. They are used in a variety of settings, including corporate conference rooms, school audio-visual rooms, amusement park facility management, home automation for standard residences, security systems, hotel environmental equipment, and medical facilities.

  • Uncompromising, High-Quality Sound Systems

    Bose offers sound systems that, throughout every step of the process—from the development of products tailored to public and commercial spaces, to the case-by-case design, installation, and tuning of audio equipment—are optimized for all conceivable room characteristics and purposes. As an authorized dealer for Bose Japan, AstroServe offers product selection, sales, and installation services for Bose products.

  • Meeting Your Needs with an Extensive Selection of Products

    From mixing consoles, power amps, and monitor speakers, to speakerphones for unified communication, we carry a wide range of products.

  • Pro-Grade Microphones

    Shure is a global leader in microphones for concerts, touring, and in the studio. We carry a range of Shure products with superior sound quality and reliability that will satisfy performers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

  • Germany’s World-Class Audio Equipment Manufacturer

    Founded in Germany, Sennheiser has created headphones and microphones that are used by countless professionals, bringing their "Perfect Sound" to music and film production facilities, and beyond.

  • Pro Audio and Video Cables

    AstroServe is an exclusive dealer for Canare Electric Co., Ltd. We carry a massive selection of Canare products, including an AstroServe exclusive three-pack of coaxial cable tools.

  • Cannon provides high-resolution images with its solid expertise as a leading camera manufacturer.

    Offering a wide range of projectors regarding brightness, resolution and size to meet your business needs, Canon promises that you can find the very projector you want!

  • Installation speaker system all the way from Finland

    Established in 1978 in Finland, GENELEC is the global leader professional audio monitoring. Smart IP installation speaker deliver audio signal, supply power and system controll via a single LAN cable to where professional-quallity sound is required.

  • Unified communication system

    Two big names, Polycom and Plantronics, have come together to create a new brand, Poly. Polycom is a well-established US company dominating the audio-conference market. Plantronics is a pioneer of audio video technology.
    Armed with the expertise and experience of these two major brands, Poly is providing unified communication solutions for remote working and remote lecturing required by a forever changing world.